Childsplay Clothing – The Official Go To Spot For All The Celebrity Parents

Childsplay Clothing is an online store (celebs do online shopping as well, guys!) that is renowned for supplying ostentatiously expensive and branded kidswear. The store is home for more than 200 brands that include names like – hold your breath – Gucci, Burberry, Moschino, Fendi, Balenciaga, and Ralph Lauren. So yes, these brands make kidswear as well and yes again, kids wear these brands too! This online store has been a goto store for many celebrities in 1990 and it’s time we take a better look at it.

As the time is changing, we are looking at a new showbiz trend. Not only the celebrities are flaunting their designer pieces, but their kids are also rocking those outfits bought from Childsplay Clothing. And guess what? Those fashionista star kids look ten times more adorable. After all, as much as we love to keep up with the Kardashian sisters, we can’t deny our obsession with Chicago West’s unique style statement!


Celebrities are known for their fashion sense and their evolving style statements. These celebs have worn some of the greatest names of the fashion world like Dolce & Gabbana and Versace and now their kids are wrapped up in them too. Let’s have a look –

Star Kids In Childsplay Clothing

Sam Faiers’ Daughter In Dolce & Gabbana


The Big Brother former contestant Sam Faiers is been known for her elegant fashion sense. The TOWIE star can rock any outfit and can do it with grace. But, did you know that her daughter, Rosie Knightley, can do it better? The two-year-old is already enjoying the luxury of high-end brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, etc. Believe it or not, but some of Rosie’s hairband costs more than our entire outfit.

Mama Faiers updated a beautiful picture with Rosie on Instagram where the cute and grumpy kid is wearing a stunning floral frock by Dolce & Gabbana. The dress is from Childsplay Clothing and Rosie Knightley is totally killing it. And just for a fun fact – that floral piece with knickers set cost £315. Have a look at it yourself.

DJ Khaled Son in Versace


If we have to describe DJ Khaled’s style in two words, we would say hella cool. The world’s one of the greatest hip-hop stars has an impressive jewelry collection and his funky dressing sense has never failed to turn all heads into his direction. DJ Khaled’s insanely cute son, Asahd Khaled (who’s turn four this year) is following his father’s footsteps. The father-son duo appeared at the MTV VMAs wearing Versace and what can we say? Asahd simply nailed it! Here’s a picture where Asahd is twinning with his father in Versace’s signature Baroque print hoodie and joggers in black and golden. The set costs £400.

Monica Denise Brown & Kids in Burberry


Monica Denise has always loved to show off her stunning kids and we don’t blame the proud mama for that. After all, her kids are simply amazing. In a recent photoshoot, Monica and her kids can be seen wearing Burberry’s signature check print outfits in beige color. Romelo Hill, Laiyah Brown, and Rodney Hill look super classy with their mom in this picture. The trench coat, shirt, dresses, and tops are all bought from Childsplay Clothing and together they cost £1070

Childsplay Clothing’s Leading Lady

Childsplay Clothing is one of the leading stores for luxury childrenswear and a big credit for its success goes to Bubblee Bassi. She is the HR director of the company and handles the high-profile clientele of the store. She was in university when her then-boyfriend (now husband and CEO of Childsplay Clothing) asked her to work with him. Ever since then, Bubblee has never looked back and brought all luck and success to her company.

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