Who Is Chelsea Houska – The ‘Teen Moms 2’ Star?

Chelsea Houska is a renowned American actress who is famous among the fans for her role in Teen Moms. Teen Moms is an American reality television series that features women who are at a young age and handling pregnancy. Chelsea Houska featured in both the seasons of the show and had an impressive impact on the audience. She handled her life, her marriage, and her kid brilliantly that made her fans want to know her more. So, here we are with all the juicy details about the reality star that you might not have known about.

Chelsea Houska Early Life


Chelsea Anne Houska celebrates her birthday on August 29, 1991. She is 27 years old and was born in Vermillion, South Dakota. Her close ones call her Chels. Chelsea Houska did not have it easy in her life. As a single mother, she struggled to handle her finances and barely met her expenses. Though no matter how difficult the situation got, she handled it with grace. As a single mom, she kept her head high and went ahead to get her GED. After completing her studies, she attended beauty school. Things got much better for her when she found her then-boyfriend and current husband, Cole. Cole supported Chelsea’s dreams and encouraged her in her professional career.

Chelsea & Adam Lind

Chelsea Houska and her now husband Cole Deboer

Chelsea Houska was dating Adam Lind. They dated each other from 2008 to 2012. They featured together in ’16 And Pregnant’. It was obvious to the audience from the very start that Adam is trouble with a capital T for Chelsea and she can do much better than him. He was verbally and mentally abusive towards Chelsea and she had to suffer a great deal because of him during the pregnancy.

Adam was not happy with Chelsea’s condition and stayed missing during her pregnancy half of the time. Their on-again-off-again relationship came to a complete end when his girlfriend Taylor Halbur got pregnant with his child. Chelsea Houska welcomed her daughter Aubrey in September 2009 and Adam, being Adam, was absent half of the time. Adam welcomed his other daughter Paislee with Taylor in 2013.

Chelsea Houska Marriage


Chelsea ended her unstable relationship with her unreliable ex-boyfriend Adam sometime after her baby was born. She then met Cole, who was like a breeze of stability in her life. You know how the fairytale works? The independent woman, who after brilliantly handling all her struggles (please get over damsel in distress, guys – it is 2020), finally meets the perfect guy who is sweet, loving, and understanding. That’s what happened with Chelsea Houska.

Chelsea and Cole tied knots in 2016 and had two more kids. Chelsea started her line of clothing that gets featured on Itzy Ritzy. From someone struggling with an abusive ex and meeting bare expenses to someone running her own business with a loving family, Chelsea has come a long way.

Chelsea Houska Social Media


Chelsea is very busy these days with her business, husband, and three kids but she is still pretty active on social media. Her third pregnancy did not go very smooth and she was diagnosed with Mastitis – a disease associated with breasts that can lead to swelling and pain. But again, she is handling it all well and has maintained her health so well that fans are surprised that she has conceived recently. Chelsea’s social media presence is impressive with more than a million followers.

It can be said that she is considered as one of the most sorted stars on Teen Mom. She recently updated a post that said she has partnered with Children’s Inn to spread awareness against domestic violence. The cause is very personal to Chelsea Houska as her former ex has been arrested for domestic violence multiple times and she too has been a victim of mental abuse. She even attained complete custody of her eldest daughter and secured a temporary restraining order against Adam.

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