Celina Powell’s Sex Tapes Are Leaked and She Is the One behind It!

celina powell's sex tapes
celina powell’s sex tapes

Recently, Celina Powell’s sex tapes with Snoop Dogg were leaked that created quite a buzz. But here’s the catch – who leaked the tape? Well, believe it or not, the fame-hungry Instagram personality leaked her sex tapes. Not just leaked, but she’s even selling it for a price. Now that you have our attention, learn more about Celina Powell here.

Celina Powell is an Instagram star. Yes, she is not an actress (as of now) or any television personality (you never know the future) but she is still famous and has a follower count of 203k on her IG account.

For the starters, Celina LOVES controversy. We are not kidding! Celina Powell’s sex tapes are living proof of that. The saying that there is no such thing as bad publicity and any publicity is good publicity fits Celina perfectly.


She is infamous for having affairs with some of the biggest names of the music industry in Hollywood like Snoop Dogg, Offset, Waka Flocka Flame, and more. What’s more? Her allegations are also proven to be fake a lot of times. But that does not stop Celina Powell in continuing with her quest to gain stardom. Celina Powell’s sex tapes are the new heights of this star’s desperation.

Celina Powell Fake Pregnancy

So there are a lot of crazy fans out there who love to do some crazy stunts to impress their idols. If you think Celina Powell is one of them, you are wrong. Celina has taken the terms ‘crazy’ a few notches high and we don’t believe that she is the ‘fan’ of anyone but herself.

Even before the release of Celina Powell’s sex tapes (that she did herself), the girl was famous for some other filthy acts. Celina has claimed to be pregnant with Offset’s child.


She had earlier put the same allegations on Chief Keef. She had also tried (it gets interesting here) to defame Waka Flocka Flame but the rapper got a restraining order against her.

Celina Powell did not just ‘claim’ to be pregnant with Offset’s child but even provided everyone with ‘proof’. A series of images circulated on Twitter where the 26-year-old compulsive liar updated Paternity Test Report of her pregnancy that declared that Offset is the father of Celina’s child. The only problem was that the reports were fake!

Twitter users couldn’t control their laughter when they saw how miserably Celina had tried to photoshop the image. So much so that simple words like ‘individual’ were misspelled as ‘indivisual’.

There was no doubt that Celina Powell was lying. The issue became even more hilarious when a video leaked where Celina was heard admitting mistakenly that she has photoshopped the reports that originally belonged to her friend and her friend’s partner. The entire incident was so funny that even Cardi B, wife of Offset, responded calling the entire thing a poor sham. Celina in an Instagram video later apologized for the stunt without any remorse. She said that she successfully engaged the audience in the act made a fool out of everyone and that’s not on her.

Celina Powell’s Sex Tapes Leak


So by now, Celina Powell is considered as a compulsive liar and no one takes her seriously (and thank god for that). But, there is a new stunt by the Instagram star that says she is not going to let things go. This time, to prove her alleged affair with the rappers, she leaked Celina Powell’s sex tapes herself. She is circulating them on her OnlyFans account and even charging around $30 for it. Celina Powell’s sex tapes feature Snoop Dogg and Tekashi as well.


Celina even highlighted her act on her social media handle saying that this time she has backed her claims with proof and no one can deny it. OnlyFans is an adult video sharing platform with millions of users. Celina Powell’s sex tapes are already gaining popularity but the rappers have not commented on it.

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