Did You Know These 15 Celebrities Are Related to British Royalty? Find Out Who They Are Now!


Did you know some famous celebrities are related to British Royalty? We are not kidding and we are not even talking about the renowned members that we know of already. All the celebs we are about to mention are distantly related. But, related nevertheless!

It all started when Paris Hilton revealed that she is related to Marilyn Monroe and Queen Elizabeth. Now, the fans want to know more about such connections.


So here we are, with all the information you need. P.S. #15 will blow your mind!

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton might arguably be the first to start to ensure that celebrities are related to British Royalty as well. She said in an interview that a psychic told her family that she is going to be most famous of the Hiltons. Interestingly, the psychic also told her family that Paris is somehow related to Marlyn Monroe. 


As it turns out, her mother took the 23andMe DNA test and it was revealed that Paris is related to Queen Elizabeth and Marilyn Monroe. Now we know where the ageless beauty comes from!

Hilary Duff


Hilary Duff is related to Alexander Spotswood, who is the 10th grandson of Edward III. This again confirms that celebrities are related to British Royalty and Hilary Duff is one of them. The news of Hilary being related has been in the media since 2012!

Jake Gyllenhaal


The ‘Prince of Persia’ has a royal connection! According to CBS News, Jake Gyllenhaal is related to King Edward III (rule: 1327 – 1377). It comes as no surprise that Jake Gyllenhaal-like celebrities are related to British Royalty as he looks like a king himself!

Michael Douglas


Your ‘Fatal Attraction’ to Michael Douglas has one more reason now – he has a royal ancestry! He is the Queen’s 16th cousin with a generation difference and King Edward III is his common ancestor.

Ellen DeGeneres


If we told you that the funniest person in America can ensure that celebrities are related to British Royalty, will you believe us? Or would you think we are kidding? Well, we are not as Ellen DeGeneres is related to British Royalty through King Edward III. With a difference of three generations, Ellen is a cousin to the Queen. She is also the 15th cousin of Kate Middleton.

Richard Gere


Who would have thought that Richard Gere, who arrived like a prince to take away Julia Roberts in ‘Pretty Woman’, is related to the royalties? Richard is the 22nd cousin of the Queen with a difference of two generations.

Tom Hanks


Professor Langdon from ‘Da Vinci Code’ might be great at symbols, but he wouldn’t know that celebrities are related to British Royalty. Tom Hanks is the 24th cousin of the Queen and has King John as their common ancestor.



Queen Bee is also a royalty in reality! Beyonce is the 25th cousin of the Queen of England with a generation gap. Bet you didn’t know that such celebrities are related to British Royalty!

Brad Pitt


The actor might be treated like royalty in the industry but he is also proof that celebrities as related to British Royalty in reality as well. He is the 25th cousin of the Queen with a difference of two generations.

Angelina Jolie


Angelina Jolie is related to King Phillip II and is the 26th cousin of the Queen. It makes it a bit awkward as Angelina and Brad are distant cousins too!

Benedict Cumberbatch


Sherlock might have deduced a lot of things and we wonder if he had deduced if Hollywood celebrities are related to British Royalties. Benedict Cumberbatch’s ancestral line is related to King Richard III. He has even played his role in one of his projects.

Johnny Depp


The pirate is a royalty – who would have even thought? Johnny Depp might be the 20th cousin of Queen Elizabeth.

Hugh Grant


The romcom ladies’ crush, Hugh Grant is related to Queen Elizabeth (9th cousin, once removed). Not just that, he is related to George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Alexander Hamilton as well.



Madonna is the 9th cousin of Duchess of Cornwall with a difference of just one generation. Celebrities are related to British Royalty and Madonna is a fine example of the same.

Kit Harington


We believe that now no one will question if Kit Harington was truly the rightful heir of the throne or not. The actor has a connection to royal blood as well! He is the biggest surprise when it comes to the fact that celebrities are related to British Royalty. He is related to King Charles II and interesting, his Yigritte, Rose Leslie, is also related to King Charles II. They were surely meant to be together!

Bonus – Meghan Markle


Here’s a surprise bonus for all of you who made it till the end. Meghan Markle is related to the royal blood. And before you say that you already knew that because she is a Duchess (duh!) – stop! She has been related to the royal blood since even before her marriage. She is the direct descendant of King Edward III. Bet that blew your mind!

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