Comedy Legend ‘Carol Burnett’ Files For Legal Custody of His 14-Year-Old Grandson

Carol Burnett, 87, and her husband, Brian Miller, have filed for the legal custody of their grandson. The name of the grandson is not revealed as he is still a minor at 14 years old. The reason for filing the petition is because of the alcohol and drug addiction problem of Erin Hamilton, Carol’s daughter.

Erin Hamilton is suffering from addiction. Carol Burnett has cited that Erin is not in proper state to provide her son with stable, healthy, and predictable environment. Carol Burnett has been the educational right holder of her grandson since 2018. She sent her grandson to a boarding school that has impacted his study and well-being positively.

Carol Burnett

However, due to the ongoing pandemic, the boarding has sent its students back. The young boy is living with a friend’s family at the moment. Carol Burnett has asked for temporary legal guidance that does not intent to stop Erin from meeting her son. Carol has been taking care of her grandson’s finances legally since years now.

The financial support provided by Carol Burnett already looks after her grandson’s dental and medical, educational fees, and basic living expenses. The next step after acquiring the guidance is definitely the process of recovery for Hamilton, as per Carol.

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