Cardi B Gives It Back To The First Lady On DeAnna Lorraine’s Insensitive Tweets

Melania Trump recently spoke at the Republican National Convention as evening’s headliners. Her speech was appraised by many of her fans and also by writer and politician, DeAnna Lorraine. Lorraine extended her support towards the First Lady by tweeting something insensitive against Cardi B.

Lorraine tweeted that the world needed more women like Melania Trump and less women like Cardi B. The rapper did not let that tweet pass. Cardi tweeted referring to Melania asking that did she not used to sell WAP as well. The reference is also made to Cardi’s new album WAP that’s gaining it’s share of criticism.

Cardi B

WAP, for all of you who don’t know, stands for the sland ‘wet a– p—-‘. There were a lot of users calling the song sexually exploitative. Later, Cardi B tweeted an old picture of Melania Trump in a semi-nude pose. Cardi wrote that the picture is giving her some ‘wap’ vibes.

Cradi B is very vocal with her political inclination. She featured in an exclusive interview with Joe Biden before Democratic National Convention. As far as her song, WAP, is considered, Cardi B said that the song is not for children or conservatives or fake religious people.

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