Camille Grammer Talks About Meeting Denise Richards During RHOBH 10 Finale

Everyone who has been following ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ for some time now would know that Camille and Denise were never really friends. Far from it, they had one of the most major feuds in RHOBH season 9, especially during the reunion and finale. So, the star cast was pretty surprised to know that Camille and Denise reconciled!

Denise and Camille’s conversation was first shown in RHOBH season 10 finale where Richards said that she’d be attending Dorit Kemsley’s party. However, she never did attend the party but in ‘Never Before Seen’ episode, the show captured Denise and Camille’s mended relationhip.

Camille in conversation with Denise, apologized for her mean behavior towards the latter and felt bad for her everything she said to her. She also expressed that she’s glad that they have now moved on in their lives and way ahead of those drama.

Denise too reciprocated the feelings. She said that she’s glad that she could make her issues with Camille settle down. Now, their status is that they are past their problems and really moved on in their respective lives. Also, Denise is happy that she now has a friendship with Camille.

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