Why Did Brett Oppenheim Quit ‘Selling Sunset’? Here’s What We Know Courtesy Christine Quinn

Brett Oppenheim left ‘Selling Sunset’ and we want to know why. So, thankfully we have Christine Quinn who happens to have information about anything and everything. According to Christine, her co-star and boss, Brett Oppenheim left the show to start his own brokerage company.

Oppenheim Group is featured on ‘Selling Sunset’. It is a brokerage group run by Jason and Brett Oppenheim – twins. However, Brett has now called the quits and starting his own brokerage. The information is first provided by Christine Quinn but, it can be backed by the fact that Brett’s name is no longer on the website. If you check the official website of Oppenheim group, Jason Brett is designated as the sole owner.

Brett Oppenheim

Brett Oppenheim is now, the owner of Oppenheim Real Estate – a completely different business. If you check out the new website, it says that it’s a California based company representing real estate sellers and buyers.


Although the brothers have parted ways professionally, it is still unclear if there’s an actual connection between the companies. Jason and Brett Oppenheim are still on great terms with each other. But, scandal and drama may unveil in the upcoming episodes of ‘Selling Sunset’.

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