Brandy & Monica Verzuz Battle – Stars Get Together After 8 Years of Feud

Brandy and Monica came together for a face-off for a ‘Verzuz’ battle. The face-off was more iconic than ever because of the alleged feud between Monica and Brandy. The singers had apparently gone without talking for almost 8 years! However, the battle was all fun and entertaining filled with laughs and great music.

The singers had worked almost 22 years ago in their R&B song, ‘The Boy Is Mine’. The music was a hit and people had loved the duo. To make things comfortable, the singers even addressed their feud openly. If we were hoping for any drama, that certainly did not happen.

Monica said that she had always wanted to talk to Brandy face-to-face as there were a lot of things being said that no one knew the truth about. She complimented Brandy for the great work she has done professionally and the music she has made. She also told her that she’s proud of all that she had to endure personally.

Brandy returned the gesture and said that she has utmost respect for Monica’s long career. She said that she knows a lot of Monica’s struggle and she’s glad she has made it so far. After the singer’s past reunion that happened in 2012 following the success of ‘It All Belongs To Me’, they never spoke. The actual reason for the feud remains unknown, but we hope all’s good now!

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