Bo Derek Gets Candid About Her Career, Marriage & Political Views

Bo Derek has released her own documentary, ‘In My Own Words’. She says that she does not care if anyone remembers her but there are generations that do not know about her. So, it might be interesting to share her story with them. Bo became a renowned face with her bikini body and cornrows in 1979 movie ’10’.

But, it was not why Bo became a sensation overnight. It was because of her affair with director John Derek in 1973 when she was mere 17 and John was 30 years older to her. The affair broke John’s marriage with his wife Linda Evans. John and Bo married and stayed together for more than 20 years before John’s death.

Bo Derek

Linda has appeared in Bo Derek’s documentary too which is shocking for for Bo. She feels sorry for breaking a marriage. Bo says that there was no ‘Me Too-ing’ with John but looking back at the situation now, she doesn’t know what to make of it anymore.

Donald Trump made a cameo in Bo Derek‘s movie ‘Ghosts Can’t Do It’. She said that he did a good job but, does not wish to reveal her choice of president. She said that police brutality in George Floyd’s case was appalling. But she finds it hard to believe that a cop did it with cameras around. She also thinks that Barack Obama could not do much at his time and to blame just the president for anything is not right.

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