Blue Ivy Carter – 5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Youngest BET Award Winner

Blue Ivy Carter
Blue Ivy Carter

Blue Ivy Carter is a budding talent and Beyonce’s daughter. We all know how private Beyonce is regarding her personal life and hence it’s obvious that her daughter’s life is not completely open to media eyes either. It is not just true for Blue Ivy Carter but also true for her siblings, Rumi, and Sir Carter. Blue Ivy made it to the limelight when she became the youngest BET Award winner.

Who Is Beyonce?

Beyonce's daughter Blue Ivy Carter

Beyonce is one name that holds an enormous amount of power in Hollywood. The talented and influential singer has earned her position in the industry with her dedication, vision, and hard work. There is a reason why young girls all over the world aspire to become like her. We all are in awe of Beyonce’s enigma and strength and hence, we love to know more and more about the stunning diva. But as difficult it is to get a sneak peek into Beyonce’s private life, it is even more difficult to get a hold of her daughter’s life. And well, we understand.

Blue Ivy Carter is just 8 years old and has a complete right to keep her personal life to herself. But, having said that, we have some information on the budding talent that we’re sure everyone would love to know.

Blue Ivy Carter Cameos


Many of you would be surprised to know that we have already heard Blue Ivy Carter’s voice on mother Beyonce’s and father Jay-Z’s albums. The voice calling Beyonce at the end of the song ‘Blue’, which sounds more like ‘Bee-sa-yay’ is of Blue Ivy Carter. Surprising, right? As a matter of fact, Jay-Z’s song ‘Legacy’ starts with the voice of Blue Ivy Carter asking her father, ‘Daddy, what’s a will?’

Blue Ivy Carter Tours With Her Mother


Many women struggle to maintain a balance between work life and personal life. While we know how difficult it is, we also respect Beyonce for doing a marvelous job at it. Beyonce took Blue Ivy Carter on a tour in 2013 when the little one was just 19 months old. Now she might not even remember being on a tour with her mother but she’ll surely know how well-balanced her mother is.

Blue Ivy Carter Is A Trademark


Imagine the unimaginable when it comes to Beyonce. Beyonce, after the birth of her daughter in 2012, tried to trademark her name ‘Blue Ivy’. But as it turns out, the name is not as unique as it sounds after all. A businesswoman named Veronica Morales has an event planning company with the same name – Blue Ivy. She filed a complaint in order to prevent Beyonce and Jay-Z from using the name as a trademark. The controversy stirred further and it is even rumored that during a private meeting, Veronica offered Beyonce her company for $10 million. In return, Veronica would give her the rights over the name. Though, Beyonce declined the order.

Blue Ivy Carter Shut Down Paparazzi

blue ivy carter

Do you think only Beyonce got the swag? You are highly mistaken then because Blue Ivy Carter is a little diva herself. When we say Beyonce and her kids like to keep their private lives, private, we are not kidding. A video went viral in 2016 when then 4-year-old Blue Ivy waved her finger adorably yet expertly at the photographers and said ‘no pictures’. The girl has got it from her mama for sure!

Blue Ivy Carter – Youngest BET Award Winner


Brown Skin Girl won the BET HER Award Sunday. The award was shared among Blue Ivy Carter, WizKid, Saint Jhn, Beyonce. This makes Blue Ivy Carter the youngest BET Award Winner. The song is dedicated to the strength and beauty of women with color.

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