Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds Are Heating Things Up On The Internet

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are one of the most loved couples in Hollywood. We love them individually for their on screen talent, their beautiful hearts, their stunning looks, and their unparalleled wits. Now, over the years we know Ryan Reynolds has a crazy sense of humor and we have seen its demonstration a million times in the media.

But, it’s crazy Blake Lively has a saucy side to her that she reveals every now then. The fun side of Blake Lively is generally reserved for her husband. We are not saying she’s not fun in general, we are just saying that it comes out strongly when her husband virtually or physically near her.

You don’t believe us? Take us these hilarious Instagram instances for example.

Blake Lively Jokes She’s Pregnant

Wait, what? Blake Lively is pregnant? Why did she not make it to our list of all the pregnant celebs of 2020 then? Well, that’s because she’s not! Relax guys, Blake Lively is not actually pregnant but just joked that she might be. It all happened when her husband posted a witty video on Instagram.

In the comment section of the video, Blake Lively has commented that this particular antic of Ryan Reynolds might just her pregnant again. The comment was funny enough but what was even funnier was Ryan’s reply to his wife’s comment.

He replied saying that he is going to be unavailable from July 22 till forever. So, in his absence, if his wife needs anything, she can ask anyone for help because his return is most unlikely.

The video is from from Ryan Reynolds’ movie, ‘Buried’. In the video, Ryan is captured and buried alive in Iraq. While that was the original scene, the video updated by Reynolds was somehow different. How? There was Aviation Gin lying beside him that he was drinking!

For all those who do not know, Aviation Gin is Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s personal gin brand. Ryan, ever since the brand’s inception has tried many different ways to advertise Aviation Gin. He has collaborated with Hugh Jackman, used his upcoming movies and existing brands under his wings to promote his gin brand. So, we definitely give it to Ryan Reynolds for always finding new creative ways to entertain us!

Ryan Reynolds Trolls Blake Lively

Leave it at the Deadpool star to find new creative ways to poke his wife social media in all fun and goofy manner. There have been several instances that have made the fans laugh with Ryan’s unfiltered sense of humor. Let’s have a look!


Blake Lively is known for her amazing fashion sense. The gorgeous Gossip Girls Star has stunned her fans over and over again with style statements. Ryan has even appreciated Blake’s red carpet appearances as one of the bests. He called her ‘Beyonce’ of red carpet! So, it was quite funny when Reynolds took it upon himself to post his wife’s au naturale look on Instagram.

Happy Birthday!

The internet waits for Blake Lively’s birthday because that is when you see Ryan Reynolds’ hilarious post to wish his wife. In 2017, Ryan posted a picture on Blake’s birthday with the only twist that Blake was cropped out almost completely from the still. Blake took the revenge by posting a picture of Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling together on Reynolds’ birthday. Needless to say, Reynolds was cropped out!

Mother’s Day

It was really sweet of Ryan Reynolds to post a picture of Blake on mother’s day and thanking her for being a wonderful mother. Though it did not stop him from mentioning that she has the ability to look as though she’s standing at the doorway to her own surprise birthday party! Well, if you look at the picture again after reading the caption, you will sure see what he is talking about!

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