Big Sean Opens Up About Burn Out, The ‘GOAT’ Stevie Wonder & Performance

Big Sean’s latest mixtape, ‘Dteroit’ 2 is full of different emotions that will take you on a roller coaster ride. The hip-hop star suffered mentally and emotionally and dealt with his burn out. He recognized the condition and took medical help. Then he worked on his music and discovered his inspiration once again. Finally, he even collaborated with his idol and worked with him.

Big Sean appeared on ‘The Tonight Show’ where he opened up about his situation with host Jimmy Fallon. He recalled the time when Stevie Wonder collaborated with him by the end of Detroit 2. Sean considers him as GOAT and says he’s the very best unquestionably.

He revealed that Stevie contacted him and asked him to find a way for them to work together. For Sean, it was like a dream come true. Talking about his mental health battle, Sean says that it was like hitting a wall and meeting a dead end. He felt broken and lost all hope and inspiration.

That was the time when he decided to seek medical attention and therapy. He says that self-help changed his life. He was able to discover himself once again from the start. It helped him in relighting his passion and taking back control of his life and interests.

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