Big Brothers Spoilers For Week 3 – From HoH To New Plots, Everything You Need To Know!

Week 3 of Big Brother has started and it brings with it a lot of new changes and plot twists. We know that Memphis Garrett’s run as HoH has come to an end and Nicole Anthony has got evicted. We also know that ‘Jaysar’ alliance desperately needs some new wins to keep their command in the game. So, here are some recaps of Big Brother that you definitely need.

Tyler Crispen has won HoH for week three. Ian Terry gave a tough competition to Tyler but got defeated. Tyler’s low key game style will now come to full-front and we cannot wait to see what happens next. Tyler was the also the one influencing Garrett’s decision the past week. It would be interesting to see what he decides for Janelle Peirzina and Kaysar Ridha.

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Janelle and Kaysar are going strong and in order for Tyler to survive in the upcoming Big Brother weeks, he needs them on block. But, it will be interesting to watch how he decides to do that. He is not someone to make his hands dirty or create rivalry on face. But, if he doesn’t do anything, he will certainly lose alliances.

Tyler will most probably not put David Alexander at risk, as he was rooting for him last week. But Da’Vonne Rogers might be at a little danger for her untrustworthy nature. Ian should be safe too as his eviction would not matter to many. Bayleigh Dayton and Tyler goes long back so no point assuming that Tyler would stab Dayton for no reason.

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