Ben Affleck Wears The Black Cape Once Again In ‘The Flash’

Robert Pattinson is our new batman, we already know that! However, what we did not know but totally wanted is this – Ben Affleck returns as Batman. He will be wearing the black cape and mask once again in Ezra Miller’s ‘The Flash’. Affleck is only going to be playing a cameo in the movie, however, it’s an important cameo.

In 2017, it was revealed that Ben Affleck wanted to direct and star in Warner Bros.’ Batman. But, he decided against it in the last moment. In 2019, he decided to step down from the post and the movie went to Matt Reeves and he chose Robert Pattinson. The reason behind Ben’s decision was his drinking condition.

Ben Affleck

Although ‘The Flash’ has a Ben Affleck as Batman in it, the movie is still solely about Flash or Barry Allen. Barry will be traveling to different timelines and meeting different superheroes of DC Universe. The scene between Batman and Flash is supposed to have an emotional impact in the movie and on the audience.

Talking about Ben Affleck’s persona as Batman, Andy Muschietti, director of ‘The Flash’ and ‘It’ had a lot to say. He said that Affleck’s personality fits to that of Batman perfectly. Affleck has just the right physique and brooding glare but he can also bring the inner vulnerability out without going overboard.

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