Bella Thorne Made Life Difficult For Sex Workers By Joining OnlyFans

Bella Thorne might have joined the platform of OnlyFans for all the good intentions but, it was not taken so positively by the existing users. Bella Thorne joined OnlyFans with little amount of research and that led to a more difficult time for the sex workers depending on their revenue made from the platform.

Thorne’s took the platform with a storm of $2 million dollar and that made the OnlyFans change some of their policies and rules. Now, the platform oversees how much it’s allowing them to charge for every view. Also, the users cannot cash out their money before 30 days.

Thorne made around $2 million in just a single week and sold photoset for $200. OnlyFans commented that they have made the changes in their transaction scheme to maintain the expenditures of their users. They wish to prevent overspending and are keeping the feedback in check.

The users criticized Thorne for entering the platform without doing a research. Her method to charge users for subscription fee and view costed the sex workers and other users of the site a lot. OnlyFans is famous for adult content created and circulated by users of generally themselves. Now, they have to suffer the consequences of low income and delayed payment.

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