Bella Thorne Apologizes For Working On ‘OnlyFans’ After Receiving Backlashes Online

Bella Thorne recently joined the subscription-based platform, ‘OnlyFans’. Since her arrival, the star has received plenty of backlashes from fans, sex-workers, and advocates. Bella after witnessing such harsh criticism and backlashes, apologized officially on social media. She said that she was only trying to remove the stigma associated with sex and sx-workers.

Bella Thorne has worked rigorously in the past to remove stigma associated with porn and sex workers. She says that she wrote and directed a porn just for the same reason. Thorne explained that her motive behind joining ‘OnlyFans’ to bring more awareness. More the people joined the platform, the more normalized the issues looked.

She explained that being a mainstream media personality, she will be able to garner more audience to the platform. Ultimately, more audience will mean more revenue for the content creators working on ‘OnlyFans’. She had announced earlier that she was planning to make a movie on the platform along with director Sean Baker, who stepped down later.

However, the move did not go well for the people working on the platform. They accused Bella for stealing their opportunities and mode of income during this hard time. Many new guidelines were made for the platform that harmed the creators already working on ‘OnlyFans’. They were being paid less and late. As a result of everything, Bella issued an apology for hurting their sentiments and explained the good place she was coming from.

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