‘Bachelor’ Alum Nick Viall Confesses His Pool Moment With Corinne Olympios Was Uncomfortable

‘Bachelor’ alum, Nick Viall, reveals that he was highly uncomfortable when contestant, Corinne Olympios, removed her bikini top in the pool. In ‘Bachelor’ 217, Nick had to be in a photoshoot with his contestants pretending it to be a pre-wedding shoot. Contestant Corinne decided to heat up things by going topless in the pool with Nick.

The memory was refreshed after the clip surfaced once again on ‘The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons – Ever’. Viall revealed in the interview that he was extremely uncomfortable during the shoot with Corinne. He said that there were other contestants watching and he didn’t want Corinne to feel judged or stupid.

The moment was not one of the favorite moments for Nick, however, he continued with Corinne till the final four. He says that he is proud of the decision as even though was all judgmental, he decided not to play safe for the sake of cameras.

It was not the first time Corinne had put Nick at a tough spot. In the very first episode itself, Nick was blown away with Corinne’s confidence. After their first interaction, Corinne came back to grab a kiss with Nick. He was not entire comfortable or sure about (given the other contestants around as well), but went along to respect Corinne’s dedication.

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