August Aslina Reveals The Real Reason Why He Spoke About His Affair with Pinkett Smith

August Aslina likes to keep his private life to himself. But, his personal life became a gossip headline when he openly confessed his relationship with Pinkett Smith. August Asline, 27, kept his relationship with Pinkett, 47, a secret for the longest time. However, when his affair and break up started to ruin his image, he decided to open up.

August Aslina says that after the news of his affair and break up with Pinkett Smith broke, his career started getting affected. People started treating him reckless and immature and his work life was getting hampered. He said that he has three kids to feed – his three nieces that he has legal custody of.

August Aslina

August Aslina and Pinkett Smith met at a concert in 2015. August was abusing pain killers and Pinkett helped him recover. Their relationship soon turned romantic. Pinkett stayed quiet about the entire thing but, August in 2020 talked about it openly. He said that he truly loved Pinkett and even Will Smith knew about it and gave them his blessing.

Pinkett denied Will’s involvement in the affair and said that it was a moment of weakness for her. She somehow got ‘entangled’ in the affair, that later led to August Aslina’s song track, ‘Entanglement’.

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