Are You The One ? Season 8 – Know Why This Is Special

Are You The One ? Season 8
Are You The One ? Season 8

Are You The One ? Season 8 was a massive hit among the audience and if you are still trying to figure out all the perfect matches, here’s your recap.This new season was different from the rest of the seasons. This is so because, until season 7, the show only paired a male contestant with a female contestant.

But, in Are You The One? Season 8, this restriction was removed. The new season has whole-heartedly welcomed members from the LGBT community and proved that love, after all, is love.The decision had a mixed response from the critics but the show was a hit, just like all the other seasons.

Are You The One ? Season 8 & New Changes In The Show


The concept of the show is simple yet complicated. A group of contestants – male and female – are paired into couples by the creators before the show begins. The matchmaking is done with the help of some algorithms that take into account the interests, personality traits, hobbies, etc. of all the contestants. The contests during the show have to discover all the perfect matches. Whether their prediction is right or wrong is determined via a ‘truth booth’.

Are You The One ? Season 8 & The Rules

The contestants compete with each other in different challenges and the winners get the chance to go out on a date with fellow contestants. If the contestants guess the correct perfect matches, they win up to $1 million. And, if they make mistakes while identifying the right matches, a heavy amount is deducted from their grand prize money.

The show has garnered a lot of attention over the years and has run successfully for eight consecutive seasons.‘Are You The One?’ is an American reality series that first premiered on January 21, 2014, on MTV . Season 8, premiered on June 26, 2019.

Are You The One? Season 8 Contestants

Are You The One? season 8 was comprised of 16 contestants. Paige Cole from Texas was the youngest contestant of age 21 and Remy Duran from New York was the oldest contestant of age 27. Other contestants were Amber Martinez, Basit Shittu, Brandon Davis, Danny Prikazsky, Jasmine Olson, Jenna Brown, Jonathon Monroe, Justin Palm, Kai Wes, Kari Snow, Kylie Smith, Max Gentile, Nour Fraij, and Aasha Wells.

Are You The One? Season 8 Recap

The season begins with the introduction of all the 16 contestants. The contestants are all sexually fluid. Nour and Amber are attracted from the start but Nour chooses Justin for her date. Kai opens up to Jenna about his sexuality and has sex with her and also with Remy sometime later.

Basit feels rejected by Jonathan after he reveals that he is into masculine men. Jenna and Kai get into a fight as they have doubts regarding their relationship but reconcile during a date. Though the other contestants are not convinced and hence they send the couple to Truth Booth for a final answer. It is revealed they are not a perfect match. Nour and Amber’s attraction takes a sour turn when Nour kisses Kylie.

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Jenna gets closer to Danny but she still can’t get over Kai. Kylie participates in a fivesome without Kari that upsets her. Justin kisses Aasha that infuriates Max but he forgives him. Jasmine and Kai hook up and it is revealed that Kari and Kylie are not a perfect match.

It is then revealed that Brandon and Aasha, and Jonathon and Basit are perfect matches. Remy is attracted to Paige but Paige doesn’t feel the same for him. Kai is facing commitment issues. He finally accepts to Jenna that he loves her but Jenna takes a stand for herself and rejects the proposal. It is revealed that Paige and Jenna are a perfect match. At the end of the season, all the contestants were able to figure out their perfect matches and took home $750,000.

Summing up Are You The One? season 8, the perfect matches were – Aasha and Brandon, Basit and Jonathon, Jenna and Paige, Danny and Kai, and Nour and Jasmine, Kari and Max, Amber and Remy, and Kylie and Justin.

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