Amy Schumer, 39, Reveals Why She Can’t Be Pregnant Ever Again After Her Last IVF

Amy Schumer is one strong woman and a support to all the women out there, struggling with the pregnancy pain. Amy Schumer recently revealed that how tough it was to keep a balance between her work and pregnancy. In an interview with ‘Sunday Today with Willie Geist’, Amy said that she hypermesis gravidarum throughout her pregnancy.

Throughout her pregnancy, Amy Schumer was also performing stand up comedy. She canceled after several months due to the escalating illness. Even though a lot of women cannot relate to performing stand ups when pregnant, they can relate to working while severely ill.

Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer also said that for women who are teachers, nurses, and something similar, being in pain during pregnancy and still going to work is common. She said that people don’t just grant leaves or let you off the hook because of extreme morning sickness.

Amy Schumer said that the IVF she had to go through was extremely tough on her body. She and her husband, Chris Fischer, have decided to go for a surrogate in the future. However, for now, they have no plans of extending their family. Amy’s family is for now complete with her husband, Chris, and son, Gene David.

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