American Horror Story Season 9 – Recap & Review

American Horry Story Season 9 premiered in September 2019 and is called American Horror Story: 1984. It is the ninth installment of the franchise and is created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. As per the review of American Horror Story Season 9, the series is highly influenced by some of the other classic horror movies like Halloween and Friday the 13th.

American Horror Story Season 9 Recap

In the very first episode of the American Horror Story season 9, Brooke Thompson is attacked by Night Stalker. She decides to take a break from her regular life and leaves town with her new friend, Montana, to work at Camp Redwood as a counselor. While on the road, they accidentally crash with a hiker. They take the hiker with them to the camp where he is attended by the nurse named Rita. Margaret Booth is the owner of the Camp and later it is revealed by Rita that the camp was a site of a massacre. The massacre was performed by the ground-keeper named Benjamin Richter aka Mr. Jingles and Margaret was the only survivor of the massacre.

The hiker is later murdered by Mr. Jingles and Richter’s body is nowhere to be found. Mr. Jingles has escaped the mental facility and is on a quest to murder people in the camp. Night Stalker, on the other hand, is obsessed with killing Brooke and even attains a position at the camp by Margaret as a protector. The hiker is deduced to actually be a ghost of one of the counselors from the camp and Richter kills his prey named Blake. The counselors are divided into two groups, led by Trevor and Rita, in order to retrieve keys but are trapped in their cabins.

It is revealed that Rita is not actually a nurse but a psychopath serial killer, involved with Richter. In fact, she was the one who initially helped in his escape. It is also revealed that Montana, Brooke’s friend is the one who hired Ramirez (Night Stalker) to kill Brooke’s out of revenge. The story gets more and more complicated as the characters die and are resurrected again by the help of Satan. As the story unfolds, we even find out that it was actually Margaret who conducted the entire massacre because she was tired of bullying. She framed Richter in all of it who suffered without a cause.

After a series of murders and resurrection, Brooke is finally charged with the murder of her friends while Montana and Trevor united. By the end of the season, Richter’s son Bobby takes control of the series. Bobby is attempted to be killed by resurrected Ramirez, the ghost of Margaret, and many more. But ultimately, he is saved by Richter and some other ghosts. It is also revealed Brooke died many years ago while in a fight with Margaret.

American Horror Story Season 9 Cast

The cast member of the show includes Emma Roberts as Brooke Thompson, Billie Lourd as Montana, Leslie Grossman as Margaret, John Carroll Lynch as Benjamin Richter, Angelica Ross as Rita, Zach Villa as Richard Ramirez, along with others. 

American Horror Story Season 9 Reception

American Horror Story Season 9 overall garnered a positive response from the audience. The series was well-received and performed well among the fans. The story had too many elements that kept the entertainment factor of the show alive throughout the end. The twists and turns in the entire series was quite unpredictable and loved by the audience.

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