Amelia Gray Recalls The Time When She Could Have Been Dead Within 4 Months Due To Eating Disorder

Amelia Gray, the beautiful model and daughter of Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin, recalled the time when she had eating disorder. Amelia spoke abou it on the podcast, ‘The Skinny Confidential Him & Her’. Amelia’s family was so worried for her, that they decided to intervene and stop her.

While recalling about the event on the podcast, she said that it was the morning after she has sleptover at a friend’s. Amelia Gray was in school back then, and her entire family, including her sister Delilah Belle, had come to pick her up.

Amelia Gray

They took Amelia Gray to a doctor in UCLA so she could be treated for her eating disorder. Amelia says that the doctor had just looked at her and said that if she continues, she’ll be 45 pounds and dead in four months. Amelia Gray was so scared and shocked to learn the fact that she decided to take the concern seriously.

Amelia said that after going through numerous paparazzi pictures of herself, she had decided to go skinny. She started Master Cleanse that mostly consisted of lemon drinks for 25 days. When her family and doctor pointed out that she looks anorexic, she started gaining weight. She is still recovering from all the changes and avoids weighing machines altogether.

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