RHOBH Star Daughter Amelia Gray Opens Up Body Acne Struggle – Felt Like End of The World

RHOBH star Lisa Rinna’s daughter, Amelia Gray, had last opened up about her eating disorder and body image problems. In new episodes, Amelia spoke about her struggle with body acne. ‘The Skinny Confidential Him & Her’ podcast, Amelia described the phase where she suffered with the worst body acne outburst.

The phase Amelia Gray is talking about was during her trip to Coachella. She was merely 16-year-old back then. She explains that she was so self conscious that she used to cry herself to sleep everyday. She had thousands of acne on her back and on her chest. Amelia felt as if it’s end of the world for her.

Amelia Gray

Amelia Gray explained that she went to doctors multiple times. She was prescribed retro wash but it did not help her at all. Finally, she went for Necessaire body wash that actually helped her. She confirms that she does not promote or endorse the brand but appreciates it for it true quality.


Earlier, Amelia Gray talked about her eating disorder and how it troubled her life. She did not like her body weight and started losing weight by going on extreme diet. Her family intervened when they felt that she was anorexic. She consulted a doctor and started gaining weight sometime later.

Amelia Gray Recalls The Time When She Could Have Been Dead Within 4 Months Due To Eating Disorder 

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