90 Days Fiancé Star Paul Staehle Reports Wife &Toddler Missing – Wife Returns With More Drama!

90 Days Fiancé stars Paul Staehle and Karine Martins do not have the most ideal relationship, in fact, their relationship is far from ideal. The marriage has seen more lows than ups and they are more often seen fighting, arguing, and getting involved in verbal spats. However, the drama increased tenfold this July when the couple got into a major fight.

The fight resulted in Karine Martins taking off unannounced with her toddler kid. Paul Staehle reported to cops that his wife and child are missing. Karine returned with her baby and dissolved the matter in front of the cops. But, she had a lot to say about her husband off the records.


And as we can all guess, in the middle of this entire 90 Days Fiancé family’s fiasco, fans had a lot to say. Here’s the timeline for the entire drama from the start.

The Feud between 90 Days Fiancé Stars

A fight broke off between the 90 Days Fiancé stars on July 30, 2020. Paul Staehle overheard her wife talking to an advocate and discussing child custody. When he confronted her for the same, things went out of hand. Karine called cops on Paul and Paul made sure to capture every bit of the event on Instagram Live. 


He can be heard saying that he is totally pro-police but he wants to know what he has done to receive this treatment. In fact, he reported that Karine is already under an ongoing investigation by Child Protective Services. Karine, allegedly, has been breaking the agreement the couple had reached with the agreement. Even the officers were caught in the 90 Days Fiancé family feud and were heard trying to resolve the matter.

Things did not calm down between the 90 Days Fiancé stars. Far from it, the feud escalated a hundred times. Karine went ahead and slapped Paul with a restraining order (not literally, of course). How do we know you ask? Well, because Paul updated the restraining order on social media (obviously)! 


The restraining order said that 90 Days Fiancé star, Karine Martins was being held with Apul against her will. It also said Paul is physically and sexually violent with her. She accused him of spying on her and tracking all her moves. After all of this, Karine Martins disappears the next day, i.e. July 31, 2020, with her child Pierre.

90 Days Fiancé Star Karine Martins Goes Missing


Karine Martins reported fled from her house in an attempt to escape from Paul Staehle on July 31, 2020. Paul reported that their neighbors saw her leaving the house in a man’s car along with their son, Pierre. Also, he did not forget to mention that Pierre was without the car seat. He reported all of this on Instagram Live.

90 Days Fiancé star, Paul Staehle, mentioned that his wife is not with her mother and also informed his fans that he has tested positive with STD. Now, he claims that he not cheated on his wife, implying that it is Karine who’s cheating. 


As per the restraining order and Karine’s accusations, Paul says that he doesn’t believe that Karine has said any of those. He says that it is translation error and Karine does not know what she’s saying.

Karine Martins Issues Statement

90 Days Fiancé star, Karine Martins finally issued statements through a series of stories on her Instagram account. She said that she is not missing and cops very well know where to find her. She also said that she did what she had to do for the safety of herself and her child. 90 Days Fiancé star also hinted at the audience about her relationship with Paul.


90 Days Fiancé star did not talk about the restraining order or the allegations directly but, she implied that her marriage is almost over. She said that sometimes relationships do not work and it is for the best. It is to note that Paul has not come into legal attention. He was charged with arson a few years back after offending a restraining order by an ex-girlfriend.

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